Durga Yantra2 canvas wrap


DURGA Yantra2 Canvas wrap 12″x12″ & 16″x 16″

Allegorically, Durga slays the damaging misconceptions we hold, offering us clarity of mind & spirit.The yantra assists in the focus upon the qualities of Durga, facilitating strength, feminine energy & creative consciousness.

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DURGA Yantra2 Canvas wrap 12″x12″ & 16″x 16″

YANTRAS – DEFINITION : Traditionally such symbols are used in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind or focus it on spiritual concepts. The act of wearing, depicting, displaying, and/or concentrating on a yantra is held to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits. A yantra is a visual mantra ( a verbal repetition usually a positive affirmation). It is a symbol or icon particularly of a Goddess (Devi) in geometric form. When we focus upon a yantra mandala, the mind begins to resonate with the energy relevant to the particular deity. As the mind tunes in, or resonates to these energies higher awareness or consciousness is said to be obtained – thus yantra mandalas are seen as an avenue of higher understanding, or enlightenment. This is not gained from the yantra mandala itself, rather this is simply a vehicle or tool for access to higher awareness.

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12×12 inch, 16×16 inch

Canvas wrap

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