Culture behind design

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Ganga Sunset PosterCulture behind design

The first time you visit , you get the immediate impression that you have not ended up on the usual e-commerce website. It looks refreshingly different from those fancy but someone cold web-stores that want to sell you pretty and stylish things. Behind gouranga-store items, instead, I could see a basic ideal, a culture; a belief that the company bases their choices on. 

A couple of clicks in you realise that the message is a message of peace. ( LOVE.PEACE,HUMOUR & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS )

Far from being designers only interested in profit, they’re a small company, a group of people interested in spirituality, art and vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. 

Traveling east to  India  many times shows that the east and its people and culture influenced them and their ideas.

But it’s not just the company’s ideals that make this e-store so unique: you can find products/DESIGNS here that you won’t find anywhere else. They design as well as produce their prints and embroidery on top-branded clothing and accessories, such as Gildan, Bella-Canvas, Anvil, American apparel, You’ll find all items organised in sections and subsections: clothing (for men, women and kids), headwear, accessories and home and living.
Each product, whether it’s a t-shirt, hoody, hat, a printed pillow case, poster, canvas wall hanging or a gift-mug, whether it’s printed or embroidered, whether it has a retro Logo or an eastern mandala on it, would always carry gouranga’s ideal of freedom, peace and spirituality.

You will find a couple of features that have made Gouranga Store even more unique, the first is that Gouranga imports handmade premium quality incense from reliable local producers in India & Nepal , and you can purchase from the provided Incense section; the second  is the Wall-art section. There, you can find canvas prints (acid-free, ph-neutral and poly cotton based with included mounting brackets) and museum-quality posters, and they are all in the Gouranga style – so you can find mandalas, Buddhas, Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva pictures.

This is a group of people that do what they do with love and passion. It reflects on their designs and on you when you chose to buy them, Buying from Gouranga-Store is  making a choice, the choice of being on this group people’s side:making the same statement of LOVE peace, freedom, spirituality and respectful lifestyle.