Welcome to ABOUT Gouranga-Store

About us ? We design as well as produce print & embroidered best quality products on top branded clothing, accessories ,for all ages & sizes. Our products include embroidered polo shirts, jackets,hats and printed pillows, gift mugs, T- shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, Best quality organic, natural Indian incense. 

We also produce exclusive original artwork printed on canvas framed wall hangings & posters.

YOUR TRADING OPPORTUNITY  ~ Want to sell your designs? earn extra cash? 

If you have any ideas/designs,even just one or two, that you think will compliment the product range we are offering in our webstore & you would like to sell them via our store. Submit your ideas & we can set up a  TRADING OPPORTUNITY  for your designs on a profit share system no matter how small your portfolio may be, we can also assist you with the design preparation.

 List your products on www.gouranga-store.com  webstore,they get printed & delivered from our POD company,you can set your own profit margins.

Trading opportunity we can offer. No set up costs.No monthly cost.